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Agorà Pharma is an innovative start-up that is characterized by the ability to identify and develop cutting-edge products for the pharma sector containing cannabidiol (CBD) and CBD-LIKE active ingredients. The great experience and the continuous research of associations of active ingredients have allowed us to maximize the innovativeness of our products, thanks to the high quality of the raw materials and to strict controls and analysis of the extraction process.

In Agorà Pharma there is a team of researchers and formulators able to develop innovative “on demand” products based on the requests of our customers

Agorà Pharma’s product range focuses on 2 therapeutic areas:

    • Dermatological field: with specific topical formulations with moisturizing and soothing action that can also be used in conditions of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, dermatological itching
    • Gynecological field: with specific topical formulations with moisturizing and soothing action that can also be used in conditions of vulvar dryness, hypersensitivity, vulvar fragility and vulvodynia.

The technical innovation models of our products is supported by a double elements synergy:

  • innovation of drug delivery (double release formulations, mucoadhesive formulations)
  • association of several synergistic active ingredients with CBD (CBD-like effect and cannabinoid-like action of non-cannabinoid active ingredients). This approach allows products already in the pipeline a higher probability of obtaining patent and intellectual property coverage (ongoing process)

A-Pharma’s R&D is characterized by the presence of professionals with decades of experience in national and multinational pharmaceutical companies (Glaxo, Angelini, et al.), pioneers into managing galenic CBD formulations for big Italian hospital centers. This specific and reputational know-how has made possible to create a solid model of open innovation, also made possible by networking with national (Florence and other universities) and international (Canada and others) university centers. 

The A-Pharma Team is characterized by the presence of professionals who have high-level experience and the achievement of successful objectives in executive positions in strategy and commercial areas of national and international companies. 

A-Pharma has defined a solid operational partnership with one of the leading Italian companies in the development of digital strategies and social media communications, developing innovative projects and solutions for brands, large companies and institutional entities. The partnership is able to drastically reduce the risk associated with initial commercial development (e-commerce) and at the same time it guarantees the creation of a brand identity and brand reputation, which is considered essential for the growth of the company. 

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